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Next steps for the new home for Cranford Hospice

Next steps for the new home for Cranford Hospice

“Our hearts go out to our community with the deepest sympathy for those who have been caught in the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle. We know that many are under immense strain, and some have suffered significant loss”, says Chris Tremain, Cranford Hospice Foundation Chairman.

“We want you to know that we are standing beside you and encourage you to reach out if there is any way we can support”.

The proposed site of the new home for Cranford has endured less damage than the wider Pakowhai area following the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle.

“I have viewed the site, and whilst there was some light flooding to the southern side of the property, the orchard and nursery on the northern side escaped largely untouched. Stock from the Chesterhope Farm made their way onto the site, to seek safer higher ground. The minimal impact of flooding highlights the resilience of the site”, says Tremain.

Cranford Hospice asks that the public remains clear of the site as the wider Pakowhai area, and Chesterhope Farm, continues to recover.

Despite the resilience of the site the Cranford Hospice Foundation Trustees understand that there will now be a range of wider questions from staff, volunteers, donors, and the public. Trustees have met and agreed on a process of consultation going forward.

“We all agree that now is the time for calm heads.” says Tremain. “The Trustees, Building Executive, and Project Managers will be working closely together to assess a range of key data to help inform future decisions. This will include advice from Councils and other authorities to gain a scientific assessment on access and the resilience of the site”.

There will be a temporary pause to expenditure towards current plans until Trustees have received informed advice and have a clear path forward, which will include further community engagement. This will also result in a delay of the build programme. Cranford Hospice Foundation will provide an update in due course.

Led by the new CEO, Andrew Lesperance, the Cranford Hospice team of staff and volunteers, acted quickly to ensure patients and families still received the very best palliative care, even in a time of crisis.

“Over the last few weeks, we have seen our community come together and show enormous amounts of compassion and resilience, including Cranford Hospice staff and volunteers”, says Tremain.

Currently, Cranford doctors, nurses and family support teams are caring for 154 patients and their families living with palliative care needs in Hawke’s Bay. The team encourages you to call 06 878 7047 if you need specialist palliative care or advice.