Our story

At Cranford Hospice our vision is to help people make the most of living and dying within a compassionate community. We provide the best possible palliative care, education, support and advice to the people of Hawke’s Bay – from Mahia in the north, to Takapau in the south.

Our goal is to help people make the most of the time they have left and to enable them to live every moment – whether they are at home, in an aged care facility or have come to us for a short stay in our eight-bed inpatient facility.

Our dedicated team helps:

  • manage complex symptoms (emotional, spiritual, cultural & physical)
  • people feel more comfortable about death and provides them with the emotional support they need
  • assist family and whānau to manage any practical details that may be involved when caring for a loved one who is dying
  • rural communities to deliver palliative care
  • educate and support healthcare providers.

We always try and abide by our five key values / whanonga pono in everything we do:

  • Compassion / Aroha – in all we stand for
  • Professionalism / He Mātanga – in all we do
  • Partnership / Rangapū – together we can do more
  • Innovation / Auaha – so we move forward
  • Leadership / Hautūtanga – we set the standard in specialist palliative care

As a registered charity

To deliver our services at no cost to patients, families and whānau, it costs us $6.9 million each year. The Hawke’s Bay District Health Board fund approximately 50% of this, which means we need to fundraise over $3.4 million each year from our community.  We are incredibly grateful to our community who helps us make a difference to the lives of people being cared for by hospice each and every day.

Whatever has drawn you here, know that we are here to support you. Like our founder, Dame Cicely Saunders, said:

“You matter because you are you, and you matter till the end of your life. We will do whatever we can to not only help you die well, but to also help you live until you die.”

Nga mihi,

Janice Byford-Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Cranford Hospice 

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