Our care

Taking a whole person approach, we aim to meet the emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of patients and their family and whānau through specialist palliative care, grief support and care planning. All services are offered at no cost to the patient, family or whānau.

Medical team

Experienced palliative care medical specialist and medical officers will provide outpatient appointments, inpatient services and will visit people at home.

Nursing team

Nurses provide holistic, hands-on care and will take a primary role in the assessment, planning and coordination of individual palliative care needs for patients, family and whānau.

Family Support Team

This team provides emotional, spiritual, cultural, social and psychological support to people with a life limiting condition, their family and whānau. Services include:

Kaitakawaenga (Māori Liaison)

Our Māori Liaison provides cultural support for you and your whānau and will advocate on your behalf regarding your care. This includes providing a liaison between you, your whānau and Cranford Hospice, and ensuring cultural, emotional, spiritual and social needs are met.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist helps people maintain their independence and quality of life in the areas most important to them. They can help you with equipment to help keep their independence and helping people adapt to the way tasks can be done.

Social Work

As well as working with patients, families and whanau on the psychosocial aspects of their situation, our Social Worker focusses on practical issues with a view to ensuring that they are able to access practical, financial and community support to help them in their journey.


Our Counsellor provides a safe, confidential and supportive space to have a conversation, allowing you and your whanau to explore your thoughts and feelings and also learn about effective strategies to manage difficult situations. Seeking counselling is a sign of courage and strength because it is a crucial step toward taking charge of your own mental health and rediscovering your happiness.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Coordinator supports the pastoral and spiritual wellbeing of people including bereavement follow up and support. We recognize spirituality is personal, and will respect your culture, values and beliefs, choices, experiences and diversity.

Music Therapy

Our registered Music Therapist uses live and recorded music to provide pleasure, motivation, relaxation and support for people cared for by Cranford. The therapeutic use of music can optimise quality of life and improve wellbeing for people.

Caregiver Support

It can be an extremely challenging time for people who are caring for a loved one, so our Caregiver Support Coordinator supports those carers in our community. Our Caregiver Support Coordinator can offer resources, guidance on where to find support, and assistance for carers.

Life Review

Our Life Review team can help you create your autobiography – a collection of thoughts, a record of events or history, a message as told by the patient and facilitated by a specially trained volunteer. As part of this service, you will receive a free copy of your published book. Any additional copies that you or your family and whānau may like can be provided at your own cost. If you would like to have a Life Review, please let one of the nurses know.