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Advice is available to health professionals, patients and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, phone (06) 878 7047. Please phone if you have any questions about palliative care needs.

Patients must meet the following criteria to be eligible for referral to Cranford Hospice:

  • Has an active, progressive, and advanced life-limiting condition; and
  • Is reasonably expected to die within 12 months (although this timeframe may be longer especially for children, young adults, and those with non-malignant disease); and
  • Has a level of need that exceeds the resources of the primary palliative care provider; and
  • Has a General Practitioner prepared to manage the person’s primary palliative care needs; and
  • Agrees to the referral if competent to do so (or an advocate agrees on their behalf).

Cranford Hospice provides care for patients irrespective of age, religion, ethnicity or means at no cost to the patient or their family and whanāu.

Our team provides specialist palliative care in two ways:

  • Directly – direct management and support of the person and family and whānau where more complex palliative care needs exceed the physical, spiritual or social resources of the primary provider. Specialist Palliative Care involvement with any person and the family and whānau can be continuous or episodic depending on the changing need.
  • Indirectly – to provide advice, support, education and training for other health professionals and volunteers to support the primary provision of palliative care.

Patients can be referred through Palcare by clicking on this link. You can also download this form.
Refer a patient online

If you are seeking inpatient care for your patient at our unit, please phone and speak to our Inpatient Team Leader or Clinical Nurse Specialist.

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