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Covid requirements – Update from the CEO

Wow, we’ve made it! What a journey! The pandemic restrictions are officially at an end!

Thank you all for your mammoth efforts and sacrifices over the past few years!

In-Patient unit
Cranford Hospice encourages (but does not require staff or visitors):
• The use of facemasks while in the in-patient unit. However strict handwashing or use of hand
sanitiser is required.
• There may be occasion that you will be asked to wear a mask due to the vulnerability of the
patient or staff.

Mask wearing remains an important way to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, including
COVID-19, in health and disability care settings. It keeps our staff and community safe.

The Community staff and volunteers
Staff/Volunteers visiting a patient at home should ask the patient if they wish the staff
member/volunteer to wear a mask in the home. So please have a mask on hand to use when requested.

Shops and Volunteers
It remains good practice to:
• Wipe shop surfaces with an alcohol-based solution on a regular basis
• Remember “self-care” and stay home if you’re feeling unwell.

Regular RAT testing
Cranford Hospice no longer requires asymptomatic twice weekly self-testing for Covid. If you are
significantly unwell with a cough or cold, then please test, and note;

• The Ministry of Health guidance is to stay at home for five days if you have tested positive for

• If the cough is mild and you are testing negative and feel well, we encourage you to wear a mask
when around your colleagues or patients to help minimise the spread of any airborne viruses.

Cranford Hospice continues to have a supply of RAT tests for staff, should you require them, just
ask one of the team!

Vaccines & boosters
There is no longer a vaccine mandate. Cranford continues to encourage staff to take up regular
vaccinations (e.g. covid boosters, winter flu etc).

Thanks again for all you have had to endure over the past several years.


Andrew Lesperance