Farming for Hospice

Our Hawke’s Bay farming community has a long and important partnership with Cranford Hospice, which means together we have been able to make a real difference in the lives of people being cared for by hospice and their families and whānau.

The “Farming for Hospice Cattle Scheme” started in 2011 and has since contributed to over $225,000 to Cranford Hospice. Our volunteer Peter Catley coordinates this scheme.  It has about 100 cattle beasts with 30 farmers across Hawke’s Bay, and for the past two years has generated a profit of around $50,000 each year.

How it works?

Cranford Hospice will purchase cattle for farmers in the region to grow on our behalf.  The profits from the eventual sale of cattle are deemed as proceeds for Cranford Hospice, which will be used to purchase more cattle and and to meet the operational costs of running the hospice.

It’s easy

Your main contact is Peter Catley who will facilitate your involvement and make sure your expectations are met.  Farmers normally take one or two cattle at a time.  The scheme is totally flexible, farmers can decide on class, type of cattle and timing of cattle sales.

Joining the scheme

You can join the scheme in a number of ways.

  • Graze cattle purchased by Cranford Hospice in the Farming for Hospice programme.
  • Sell your own cattle to Cranford Hospice and graze these cattle in the Farming for Hospice programme.
  • Graze younger cattle until they are ready to be fattened.
  • Graze your own cattle in the Farming for Hospice programme and donate profits from the sale to Cranford Hospice.

Become part of the Farming for Hospice programme today and help us to continue to provide quality palliative care and support to hundreds of patients and their families.

For information please contact us today.