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Because of you, the future of hospice care in Hawke’s Bay is looking up

Because of you, the future of hospice care in Hawke’s Bay is looking up

In just over a month, you and other wonderful supporters like you have donated over $300,000 in response to our urgent call for help. We simply cannot thank you all enough.

You make our work possible, and I couldn’t be more grateful, thank you so very much.

Please know that our team reads every single one of your warm and loving messages about your loved ones who have received hospice care. Your kind words are treasured and mean so much to those who care for your family and friends.

Your help means so much. The past few months has been an extremely challenging time for many of the people we care for, as they were restricted to their bubbles and were unable to access wider support that may have been available otherwise.

Thankfully, these people could still access the support of hospice.

Your donations allowed us to focus on what was important during this time, the patients, and their families and whānau, and I am so grateful to you. I recognise it might have been a challenging time for you and your family as well, and I deeply appreciate your commitment to supporting the people we care for.

Looking ahead, thanks to friends like you, we are feeling optimistic that we can continue to run our events and help our community to support our work. I acknowledge that although there is still uncertainty ahead for many organisations, I am feeling hopeful that with your support, we can continue to provide the best possible palliative care for people living in Hawke’s Bay.

Thank you for everything you have done to show you care.

Ngā mihi nui – thank you very much

Janice Byford-Jones
Chief Executive Officer