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2022 Aroha Autumn Newsletter

2022 Aroha Autumn Newsletter

Your support blows me away!

I am celebrating our beautiful community right now as I reflect on an amazing (and challenging!) few months.

With your incredible support, we have been able to raise $89,107.01 during February and March through our Supporter Survey and Annual Appeal. It hasn’t been easy and I am beyond grateful for Hawke’s Bay’s steadfast support.

Your help means we can have a massive impact on families like Katrina and Tom’s. Katrina, who has two young children, is a vocal supporter of Cranford after her journey with her late husband Tom. She is keen for people to understand how much the hospice teams do offer.

“It’s not just a place where you go and die. It’s a lot more. It’s pain management, it’s a community, and support for the caregivers and the kids as well. I feel that the caregivers can get left behind and hospice has noticed that and takes really good care of everyone.”

I have enjoyed reading responses from many of you in the Annual Supporter Survey. Most of you know someone who was or is being cared for by Cranford, and many give to Cranford in memory of someone special to you. It is an honour and a privilege to journey with and care for your loved ones at such an important time, and I am grateful for the support you can provide to others in their memory.

It has also been heartening to see splashes of Orange around Hawke’s Bay as you have stepped up and helped us fundraise in March. While we couldn’t hold our Street Collection, we have been so excited to see the range of fundraising for Cranford. We’ve had individuals, businesses, schools, church groups, a couple of early learning centres and even a group who had to meet virtually ‘go orange’.

I am so thankful to every single person who supports us in whatever way is appropriate for them, especially at this time when there has been so much going on for everyone. The ongoing stresses and strains of living in a global pandemic can take their toll – this is especially true of our patients and their whānau who have the added burden of living with a terminal illness. Your support enables us to care for these local families and help them treasure every special moment possible together.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter (link below).

Ngā mihi nui – thank you so much.

2022 Aroha Autumn Newsletter