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Aroha Newsletter – Autumn 2023

Aroha Newsletter – Autumn 2023

The difference you’re making in the lives of people being cared for by Hospice.

Reflecting on my first three months as the new CEO of Cranford Hospice I have an overwhelming sense of deep gratitude. Gratitude for our amazing team and for the wonderful supportive community that we are a part of.

And that includes you – our wonderful supporters! Thank you for your wonderful and ongoing support – I really appreciate it.

Despite the challenges that our staff and patients faced during Cyclone Gabrielle, I am proud to say that they rose to the occasion with extraordinary resilience and determination.

In the enclosed newsletter, you will find heartening stories that highlight the remarkable efforts of our team, who put the needs of patients first.

You will read about how our staff in Napier swiftly connected with one another, without communications or support, and devised a plan to check in with our patients to see if they were okay and find out what they needed.

They managed to pull together some emergency supply kits and then set off into flood waters in gumboots – dodging hazards like loose power lines in the water – to locate and check in on their patients.

In those first ten days of the flood response, a total of 62 people living in Napier received care – a massive feat that I am incredibly proud of the team for achieving.

Dr Lynn Twigley, who was a member of the Napier-based team, talks about her role at Hospice and the aftermath of those few crazy weeks.

Lynn says, “The motivation for me in this role is: ‘He tangata, he tangata, he tangata; It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.’ People and relationships are what I value. For me, recognising that death is a part of life and being able to be alongside – to be a witness, to help if I can, but mainly to be present – is a big thing at a time when people often feel a bit unsure about being there.”

Having the compassionate team we have means that the very base of our service and care is centred around the people that we support. And even in the worst of times, such as a devastating cyclone, our values still shine through.

We could not have done any of this without the support of our community. People like you.

People who step up and consistently support us when we ask for help. In my first letter to you, I wanted to make it clear how important you are to us and how much I, and our team, are so very grateful to you for your help and support.

Your ongoing support meant that even in a National Emergency, the team here at Cranford Hospice were able to continue doing what they do incredibly well: support our patients and their
whānau on their journey.

I do hope that you enjoy reading the newsletter, which we intend to be a hug of love for everyone around us. For us, it is a chance to give you something back. It is also a chance for us to reflect on how lucky we are to have such a fantastic team and community who care deeply and will do anything to help.

Our fundraising needs still continue. In fact, now more than ever. We would really appreciate it if you could donate, as much as you are able to, which will help us continue to be there for our patients and their families and be prepared for whatever challenges our future holds.

Thank you again for everything you have already done for us. I look forward to keeping in touch with you and continuing to strengthen our relationship.

Take care,

Chief Executive Officer
Cranford Hospice

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