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Winter Nurses Appeal

Winter Nurses Appeal

In June a group of Nurse Champions made generous donations to Cranford Hospice. They agreed to match every dollar you give up to $21,165

Your donation will have twice the impact to people in need this winter!


I hope you know just how much your support of Cranford Hospice can improve someone’s quality of life. Because of your support, our nurses help patients and their families through the most vulnerable time of their lives. Thank you!

If you donate before Monday 18th July your donation will be doubled up to the value of $21,165! This means if you give $20 this will be doubled by our Nurse Champions to $40!

Recently I sat down with Michelle, our Nurse Practitioner, to talk about the care our team give. Michelle is one of our senior nurses who gets in the car most days to visit patients and their families in their homes all across Hawke’s Bay. Making sure people get the support they need. You make this possible.

“It’s about meeting the patient where they are, where they want to be, and where they want to stay. Where they want to be is where our support needs to be.  

We have visited patients everywhere, from sheds and camping grounds to beautiful homes.  

Once we cared for a man in his caravan. That’s where he wanted to be so he could watch his kids surf. We were going out in the middle of the night doing prefilled syringes and teaching his family how to give them so that’s where he could stay.

It’s very rare that we say to someone, really, we’re going to struggle to make this work”

Without you, Michelle and our team of nurses simply can’t serve the people who come to us in their time of need.

By making a donation today, you will make a difference. You will make sure our nurses can reach those being cared for by Cranford Hospice. Providing the support they need. Helping people take back control of their life and to live how they want to live.

Thank you for all your support!

Ngā mihi nui – with huge thanks

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