Meet Pam: Caring is not a burden

Meet Pam: Caring is not a burden

Pam and her husband Brent knew for 16 years that he could die at any time of heart failure.

“Sometimes it was positive and sometimes it would get sad. It’s something that for us was a reality and we had to face it sooner or later. There was no point in hiding from it. You’ve got to just enjoy what you have got.”

Brent used to worry that he was a burden on Pam and his family, but Pam didn’t see it that way. “I used to say, ‘We’d rather have you here’. I didn’t look at it then as a burden and I don’t look at it now as a burden. Yes, I gave up years to look after him, but I wouldn’t change it for all the world. In hindsight I’d do it all again”

“People don’t like talking about death, but it’s part of life. We’re born, we’ve got to die sometime,” she says.

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