Volunteer positions

Car Valet Assistant

Car Valet Assistant

Do you enjoy looking after cars?

Cranford Hospice requires volunteers to maintain the Cranford Hospice Fleet of cars to a high standard.

You will be required to:

  • Take vehicles to Caltex for car washing, & vacuum
  • Clean and maintain vehicle interiors including dashboards and consoles
  • Cleaning door trims and hinges
  • Complete the vehicle checklist and report any damage or the need for repairs to the appropriate channels
  • Promote and apply the Cranford Hospice Health and Safety Policy

This is the type of person we are looking for: 

  • Clean driver license
  • Ability to work individually
  • Willing to follow manufacturers instructions when using/mixing cleaning products
  • Enjoys working outside and doing practical work
  • Physically able to do manual work
  • Able to work at weekends 2-3 hours per fortnight or monthly

A Ministry of Justice background check is required.

A Police background check is required.

Driver license is required.

Apply through Volunteering HB using this link! Car Valet | Volunteering Hawkes Bay (vhb.org.nz)