Impact on our community

The impact of this project extends far and wide with significant benefits for patients and their whānau, our inpatient and community doctors, nurses and family support team and the wider Hawke’s Bay community.




For patients and their whānau

  • The design of our new home will be better for patients and whānau and provide a purpose-built space to deliver our holistic model of care.
  • At the heart will be a community care centre where patients and whānau can visit health professionals, attend support groups, day programmes and other therapeutic activities. This hub will support our patients to live well at home.
  • The inpatient rooms will all have ensuites and space for whānau to stay as well.
  • The Joan Fernie Gardens and Arboretum – provide a tranquil setting for patients and their whānau to receive the very best compassionate care and support that we’re known for.
  • Improved facilities, including kitchens for families and carers of patients
  • Specially designed whānau areas, including rooms available for patients and families to sit and meet privately
  • Designated spaces reserved for quiet introspection, reflection, or spirituality

“If you need to talk or just need a bit of space you are very limited at Knight Street, but at Chesterhope you could easily find a space where no one else is – to just go and have your time by yourself”.



“I never come to Chesterhope and walk away feeling worse. I always walk away feeling a lot better. It’s a very giving space. It’s a pleasure to be there.”

Hannah Morrah, Cranford Hospice Foundation Trustee


For the wider community

  • Our new home for Cranford will hold a unique place in the heart of the Hawke’s Bay community.
  • A purpose-built hospice facility in an idyllic setting at Chesterhope, Pakowhai, for the Hawke’s Bay community to take pride in and celebrate
  • A place in which Hawke’s Bay people visiting their family members and friends can feel supported and proud
  • A place in which our valued volunteers can continue to deliver and expand their contribution, with pride.
  • Multi-use spaces, including a training room which may be hired out, and will be used for a range of both health professional and community training



For our healthcare professionals

  • For the community team: Improved facilities and clinical team workspaces for our interdisciplinary team of specialist doctors, nurses, family support team, therapists, and specially trained volunteers to provide care
  • For the Inpatient Unit staff: Improved facilities for the multidisciplinary care team, to enable them to provide care and to provide better access to patients and their whānau
  • Modern outpatient, consultation, and education rooms
  • Modern equipment
  • Multi-function rooms to deliver education and family support programmes
  • Whānau meeting rooms for our team to hold in-depth discussions with patients and whānau