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National Hospice Awareness Week

National Hospice Awareness Week

This week is Hospice Awareness Week which is an opportunity for us to talk about how we work and the many different services we provide.

For 40 years Cranford Hospice has delivered end-of-life care based on what matters most to the person and the family, he tangata me te whānau. Our services allow people with a life-limiting condition, in collaboration with family, to live every moment and experience a dignified death.

People who have experienced hospice care first-hand understand the value and comfort that we provide – a journey with Cranford is not something to fear, quite the opposite. This week we’d like to raise awareness of just what our amazing teams do to support our community each and every day when they need us the most.

Last year Aimee spent two weeks in our Inpatient Unit with her dad. While recognizing this was a tough time, Aimee saw beauty in their experience.

“I’ve said it many times, but the hospice can begin to feel like your home and everyone there feels like your family, getting you through each day … I really am so grateful we were able to have this time with hospice as our safe space and for the precious memories made while we were there.

I would never wish for anyone to go through losing a loved one but if that day comes, my only wish is that everyone can feel supported by a community like the Cranford family.”

Lynlee who was a Cranford patient found relief in the expertise of our nurses which benefited not only herself, but also her elderly mother who was caring for her. Last year she shared her thoughts with us.

“The nurses, they care, the way they care for me is just incredible, I’ve never been in such good hands before where you just know that 24 hours a day they really look after you.

The nurses give me peace of mind, they’ve seen it all. That’s very reassuring to know that they are experts in their field.”

This week we hope that by sharing stories and snippets of Hospice life we can raise awareness in our community of what hospice care includes, where it happens, and the positive experience people receive from hospice care.

You can learn more about Hospice Awareness Week here.