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End of Life Choice Act 2019

End of Life Choice Act 2019

As an organisation Cranford Hospice appreciates that there are a range of views on the End of Life Choice Act 2019. We respect that everyone has the right to their opinion. There are varying views from a spiritual, religious or cultural perspective which may not be the same for all individuals within a group or culture. We acknowledge the impact these beliefs will have on the way a person thinks about euthanasia.

In 2018, Cranford Hospice adopted a Euthanasia Policy which stated that, as an organisation, it does not support a change in the law to legalise euthanasia or assisted suicide. This policy acknowledges that Cranford Hospice supports Hospice New Zealand on Hospice Care and Assisted Dying.  This 2017 Hospice NZ Statement can be read by clicking here.

With this in mind, the Cranford Hospice Trust Board has confirmed that it does not wish to engage in, or try to influence the outcome of the End of Life Choice vote in our community. Once the outcome of the referendum is known, more information will be available.

Whatever the outcome of the referendum, Cranford Hospice will continue to provide the best possible palliative care to people regardless of their desire for euthanasia or assisted dying.

Link: 2017 Hospice NZ Statement