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2021 Aroha Spring Newsletter

2021 Aroha Spring Newsletter

You make Hawke’s Bay such an incredible community to be part of.

I greatly appreciate your generosity, your kindness, and your empathy. I am so grateful for wonderful people like you that help us support the people we care for. Helping them treasure every moment. Thank you.

Covid-19 is impacting us all and I cannot thank you enough for being kind to others during these challenging times.  Because of your support our hopes have been lifted, and we are feeling optimistic about the future of hospice services in Hawke’s Bay. Your incredible support has made this possible, and I cannot thank you enough.

In this Spring Aroha newsletter you will discover more about Lynlee. Your support helped us care for her in both the inpatient unit and in her own home. This Winter we tried something new, a Matched Giving Fund, the results were amazing! I am excited to update you on our community volunteers and invite you to our Compassionate Friends coffee group.

I hope you enjoy our Spring Aroha newsletter, please feel free to share this with loved ones.

Thank you for all the good you do for our community.

2021 Aroha Spring Newsletter