Emergency COVID-19 Appeal

As the coronavirus crisis sweeps through all aspects of daily life, people still deserve the best possible palliative care at the end of life.

Our team are working round-the-clock to deliver care to more than 200 patients and their whānau in their homes. Without Cranford Hospice, there will be nowhere else for these people to turn.

Cranford Hospice is facing a substantial financial crisis. You may be aware that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Hawke’s Bay Wine Auction has been cancelled. Cranford Hospice relies heavily on this fundraising event, and it now means we need to raise $300,000. 

The stark reality is that the future of Cranford Hospice’s services are at stake. We are calling on supporters and people in our local community today to help ensure their vital services can survive.

Please donate today and spread the word and urge everyone you know to do the same.

You may be facing challenges of your own. But please, if you can, take a moment to help people receive the hospice care we need. Your donation matters.

Together we will get through this crisis. And we will be here for people who need us today and for years to come.

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A message from Aimee


Aimee’s dad was cared for by our incredible team. The support her dad and family received ensured they were able to spend quality time making special memories and appreciating the little things.

I’m extremely grateful that I was able to receive counselling, free of charge through Cranford Hospice. I feel like I was taught so many lessons and this has made me feel like the grieving process has been a lot ‘easier’ or ’healthier’ for me.”


“Even a pandemic doesn’t stop the hospice doing what they can to offer support to all involved … during the lockdown last year, I would go sit in my car with my cup of tea and have a phone session.


With the support of Cranford Hospice 24 hours a day, Aimee and her family were able to focus solely on just being with their dad and says the time they spent in Hospice, although extremely challenging, was beyond beautiful.


“I’ve said it many times, but the hospice can begin to feel like your home and everyone there feels like your family, getting you through each day … I really

 am so grateful we were able to have this time with hospice as our safe space and for the precious memories made while we were there

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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A message from our CEO, Janice Byford-Jones

During such challenging times, thank you for showing us every service we offer is worth fighting for. I promise to make your contribution count. Together we will overcome this crisis.

COVID-19 is impacting us all. I hope you have been able to access the care and support that you might need during this time.

I promise to make your donation count. Your gift today will make such a difference in the lives of people living with a life-limiting condition. On behalf of the team here at Cranford Hospice, thank you.

He aha te mea nui o te ao 

He tāngata He tāngata He tāngata 

What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people, it is people, it is people


Ngā mihi nui – with big thanks,

Janice Byford-Jones,
Chief Executive Officer


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