2021 March Annual Appeal

Support patients, families and whānau this March and fundraise for us.


Please help us, help others

Over the past year the number of contacts Cranford Hospice made with patients, their family and whānau has increased by almost 20%. We rely on support from our community to continue to provide the best possible care, advice, education and support to those who need us the most.


This March we need to raise $40,000 to ensure our services remain at no cost to patients, families and whanau.


Together, we can give people the chance to treasure every moment. Please help us, help others.


Go Orange for Cranford and fundraise for hospice this March. You can hold a mufti day wearing their best orange outfit, host a morning tea with friends, whānau and colleagues, or invite customers to donate a dollar at the till. Every bit of support counts and goes towards helping people like Brian.

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Life of Brian

Brian’s life story takes you from the freezing works to a large-scale ornamental nursery. He’s been a music therapist, champion fisherman and chairman. His journey has taken him on many different paths and trails, shaping who he is today.


“I think when you are at the stage when you actually go to the hospice you are off the main road, you are on the side road and you create your own scenery and experiences. When I was referred to hospice it changed my feeling of security and knowledge of, I’ve got this support system behind me that I can call on. ”


Brian supports hospice because he sees the nurturing role we play in end-of-life care.


“For me, it’s a huge relief knowing that I’ve got the medical system there for the clinical objective aspects of it, but then I’ve got the other side which has got the nurturing side”
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2021 Cranford Hospice Street Appeal

Over 350 volunteers will be hitting the streets of Hawke’s Bay from the 11 – 13th of March for our annual street appeal. If you pass one of our volunteers with a Cranford bucket, please say hello, we appreciate any donations you can make.


The Street Appeal is our largest annual community fundraiser where schools, community organisations, businesses and individuals all come together to don an orange apron and collect for us. We gratefully appreciate the support we receive throughout the campaign as it makes such a difference in the lives of the people we care for.


Together, we can give people the chance to treasure every moment. Please help us, help others.